Kris’ Borneo Scorpion tattoo

Finally, Kris’ tattoo is revealed. He revealed it during the History performance at Jiangsu TV 2013 NYE Concert. I think he did that on purpose. He must have planned it =,=. Click here to see the video.

I found many articles & pictures about Kris’ tattoo before. Some people thought that Kris’ had a dragon tattoo. Now , we all know that the tattoo in his left arm is a Borneo scorpion , not a dragon.

Actually, there are still many questions in my mind about his tattoo. One thing that still make me curious is : Why Bornoe scorpion? Yes, we all know that it represents his horoscope, but Borneo scorpion ..? I think it has a special meaning.


cr: to the right owner

Kris’ fierce expression when he revealed his tattoo >.<


cr: to the right owner

Borneo Scorpion:
Originally Dayaki warriors, who used to cut off their enemies’ heads, got the scorpion tattooed (actually stylized “axes”) as a protection in battle. The same design, when tattooed on the throat, should protect his bearer from undergoing that same fate, by giving strength to the skin of the throat. Luckily, heads are not in danger anymore, the meaning of valiance and courage is still deeply connected with this design~

cr:捡到一只吴亦凡 & 思佳mmm

Borneo Scorpion is a tribal tattoo, so maybe it’s related to the culture. The “Scorpio” represent the mythical dog/dragon. Is that the reason why he choose this tattoo? because the tattoo has “the dragon” in it? hmm….

Before Kris revealed his tattoo, I wonder why he always wears shirts with long sleeves. I mean, everybody knows that he has sexy charm (like Kai maybe..hahaha), but he never wear that kind of costumes that Kai wears to show his Yeah, maybe his tattoo is the reason.

I little bit surprised that Kris have a tattoo. Kris has that kind of “Prince” image, but he has a tattoo….. I think he has some “undiscovered” personalities.

Actually, i don’t like tattoos. Yeah,since it’s Kris….well…i don’t know what to do..hahaha. There is a rumor that Kris has more than one tattoo. I hope that rumor is not true 😐

Oh ! suddenly i think about it: Have Kris ever been to Borneo? kekeke…


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