EXO Kris makes you feel the heat!

I’m completely curious about what’s on his mind. He used to act like a charming and mysterious  prince before. He is totally hot , we know it, but he never show it. I mean he never wear that kind of sexy costumes (?) and never show off his skin (like what Kai did -_-) . Actually, that’s one reason why I “love” him.

How about.. now? Yeah….he is going wild ,I think. First, he surprised the fans by showing off his tattooed arm. Recently, he lifted his shirt during History performance and also showed off his shoulders while performing Two moons at DKFC – Philippines. God. What’s wrong with you Mr. Wu Fan?? Stay exclusive please 😐 !

It’s weird how I still “in love” with him -_____-  Honestly, I don’t really like that kind of “sexy”,”hot” image that Kris have. I also didn’t feel excited or happy when I saw him do something like that..really..  T_____T I don’t why.. Maybe because I choose him as my bias not because he is handsome or hot or sexy…

I found so many comments on Kris’ photos or videos regarding to his sexiness (?), and some comments are just too…x_x  …uncomfortable to read..

Is that one of his “undiscovered” personalities? aaaaarghh ..no no no..



Look, you are sexy.. just the way you are, so don’t need to do such kind of things…You can kill some fangirls u know…lol

cr: the right owner

Please don’t do that anymore Mr. Wu Fan. I’m serious. -_-


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