EXO’s Comeback signs?

I found this on EXO Kris Fanpage:

Kanei Tei will sponsor EXO socks (Orgazing Golden Time & Chocolate Chic) in their new MV~
And someone from the company has said EXO will start filming their new MV in this end of January!!



via : EXO Kris Fanpage

On January 21st, SM manager shared a new pic of EXO’s badge on twitter, then he tweeted again “The picture was taken a year ago”


Is he trying to troll us or .. omg….SM & staffs keep on trolling us…*sobs
Ryan S.Jhun (confirmed EXO’s composer for their new album) tweeted ” “Guess who’s comin back ??? 누가다시돌아오나??? Stay tuned. 쪼매만 기달려보장.”
And also on tumblr:
EXO’s comeback is FIRE/HOT themed

Heres why:

1) A EXO fan tweeted to Ryan Jhun (the CONFIRMED composer of EXO’s new album) “I see the light!” and his response was “No! I see the fiaaaahh (fire)”

2) Kris mentioned that their comeback album was going to be HOT at the golden disk awards

3) at kaisoo birthday event suho said “im so…” and baekhyun replied “HOT”

4) exo performed to H.O.T at the golden disk awards and the MAMA’s

cr: johnnyunleashed.tumblr.com

Hope this time will be true, not just a rumor again x_x …..All of EXO fans are dying while waiting EXO’s comeback =__= rumor every where ….rumor every day…enough!…hahaha XD

Well, waiting for their comeback is not boring , actually I enjoyed these time XD (but yeah it’s frustrating =,= lol). I found many funny posts about EXO’s comeback on tumblr… can’t help but laugh.

No no no…No more “next time” Mr.Wu…

Ok, if those things are true..finally EXO will have their comeback :

Unique design socks+Fire+HOT Theme = Fangirls burned #ok

Just wait and see…..


Yeah…i think it can be true..i saw many EXO pics on SM building today…hohoho..

Please make a comeback soon! It will be better if they have their comeback on February 😀 it will be a special gift to me.


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