February = Special

February: Valentine’s Day.

February: Pink. lol

February: The shortest month of the year.

February: Leap Year.

February: Aquarius/Pisces.

February: My ultimate bias’ Birthday.

February: My Birthday.


Each person has different thoughts about February and those are my thoughts about February :D… February has always been a special month in my life. Yes, I was born in this month of love–people say. Maybe it’s true, for my case because My parents had waited for 5 years to have me, their first child. I can imagine how happy they must be that they can finally be a parents after waiting so long. :’)

February is not only special , it also unique. This is the shortest month of the year. It only has 28 days , but it has 29 days every four year in a leap year. I wonder how people born on the 29th celebrate their birthday. Do they celebrate their birthday once every four years? and How they calculate their age? XD…Kidding…I know some of them celebrate their birthday on February 28, just like my neighbors. hehe.

People born on February can be an Aquarius or a Pisces. Since I was born on the middle of February, I am an Aquarius :p. Btw, I will tell the truth. My mother said that I was supposed to be born on or about the end of April but I came earlier ..hahaha..how would that be?

February is always related to pink, love, chocolate, flowers, couple…what’s else? :p ..Of course it’s all because of Valentine’s Day. Every time I go to the store in February, I always see chocolate, dolls,and flowers . Even the store is dominated with pink color. XD I like it because pink is one my favorite colors. :D. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but when I was in junior high school My friend and I used to give each other chocolate. I don’t remember why, but we did that for fun hehe.



Oh, and tomorrow is F(X) Victoria’s Birthday! We have the same zodiac sign…*excited~XD She is my ultimate bias..really. She will turn 26 on February 2, but she looks like 21 years old girl >_<.



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