Get well soon, Kris!

cr:my every you

cr:my every you

That was the last—newest photo of Kris before he “disappeared” from public because of flu..

I really worried about him when I heard that he was hospitalized. Did something serious happen to him? 😦 Then I got some information about his condition from some EXO fanbase accounts (Thanks!). He has flu and his voice became hoarse. That’s why he didn’t attend some events.

It reminded me of what had happened to me several weeks ago. I also had a flu when I have to deal with final examinations. I stayed up late night to study and also do my assignments… In several days my flu got worse. I started to coughing and I almost lost my voice.
It was hard for me to talk to people ….
Every time I tried to talk to my friends in the class, they will surprisingly asked me with weird expression -_- ” what happened to you?”

When my voice started to go normal, (It was similar with  Ashlee Simpson’s voice I think) some of my friends said that they like my voice because it was sexy. -_- (I’m curious what Kris’ voice was like when he had flu since his voice is originally sexy :p )

So….. I know how hurt it was…. ;_; Lack of sleep, exhaustion, the weather…..yeah those reasons can cause a very bad flu. It’s better to Kris to not come to some events until he is fully recovered.


I hope EXO have more rest….their schedule is very busy lately.
Get well soon Kris, I really miss your photo update! :p
Add: Kris and Lay didn’t come to Sehun’s graduation today. Many fans think that Lay didn’t come to take care of Kris…..Is that true Lay? 😀

5 thoughts on “Get well soon, Kris!

    • Hello, Ali. Actually, I’m still searching about the truth of this news until now. ^^ I found this post on twitter. I though it was his renren update, but I can’t check it because i didn’t have Renren account..

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