Where are the Chinese leaders ?

My two biases “disappeared” mysteriously…  Where are they?

After has been missing for about 20 days , Kris made his first appearance (February 16th) at East Railway Station Guangzhou  (see my previous post). According to some fan accounts and also posts on twitter that I’ve read, Kris went to  Hongkong from Guangzhou to visit his mother, then after that he went to Vancouver, Canada for personal matters. It’s been a long time since he visited Canada after his debut. ^^

Many fans waited for Kris at Vancouver airport that day. They was so lucky to had this rare chance, meet their idol.

cr: EMIS

A fan gave him a cute seal plushie at the airport 🙂

cr: @aanne30

so closee…hahaha…Hey yo What’s up Mr.Wu?

cr: @lightboxgallery

Kris took a group photo with his fans at Vancouver airport because he was unable to give his autograph since there were too many fans there. Lucky fangirls 😀

[FANACC] 130217 KRIS at Vancouver Airport

Kris was really really nice and I got to talk to him. And the fans behaved really well today, much better than how it was in China I have to say. I think Kris understand that we love him and respect his privacy. My friend accidentally tripped and Kris told her to be careful. Also i asked him is it okay for me to have his autograph, and he said there were too many fans (he looked at me and replied very nicely)

source: Wen Huang

cr: as tagged

A lucky fangirl…..so close to Kris Wu ;_;

cr: to the right owner

I even found this on twitter…..Model Kris walking on the catwalk~hahaha…

cr: as tagged on the picture

When I saw this picture, I think it was really familiar to me. Familiar situation, familiar pose….hmmm….guess what was it? His pre-debut photo! :p look at the second photo below…..he did the similar pose right? hehe….The difference was the people around him^^ You never change Mr. Wu…

cr: as tagged

Btw, today is Canada’s Family Day ^^….Hope you will have a good time with your family Mr.Wu…. 🙂

Let’s respect his privacy……^^

On the same day as Kris’ first appearance (16th February), Victoria spotted at ICN International Airport.  Where are you going Vic unnie? 😮

cr: piece of gold

Bright smile as always 🙂

cr: piece of gold

Nobody knew where her destination was until today after she posted a photo in her Me2day:

“New Zealand^^!”

Waaa what a beautiful scenery! I wish I were there >,< Some people said that she went there for centerpole CF. wow!

Ok, now the most important thing is that my biases are okay. They just go to somewhere only they know :p hihihi……


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