EXO’s leaked songs : comeback hints?

Recently, 5 EXO’s songs were leaked before their comeback. I have no idea why this could happened.
I found two of those 5 leaked songs. The first song was wolf. Some people said that wolf is a edited version or something like that. Several weeks before “wolf” leaked on the internet, there was a rumor about EXO’s wolf concept. After that, I found many Exo’s wolf fan-arts ..and those pics are awesome.


Sehun and A Wolf

cr: meltedicecubes

Beautiful Wolf , Luhan…

cr: meltedicecubes

Kris Wolf

Lay Wolf

cr: to the right owner

Lay & a wolf

cr: as tagged in the picture

I also found some funny pictures regarding EXO’s wolf.


Funny Line Emoticons

Yeah, if SM just trolling us with this song, then that picture could be true… -_-

cr: to the right owner

It was a little scary the first time I heard this song. I suddenly woke up at midnight, checked my phone and then played it. There is wolf’s voice in the beginning of the song (sounds like background music of a horror movie). I thought a handsome werewolf would come to my room after that LOL. Then, the opening music sounds like a traditional music instrument from Sumatra.
I recognized Chanyeol’s voice very well since he has a very deep voice. I can heard all members’ voice except Sehun and Suho…I still can’t find their part in this song. My favorite part is baekhyun’s part at 2:35 – 2: 45…his “wolf” voice is so amazing >_<~
It reminds me of a fanfic that I found on the internet. It is about a triangle love between Luna, Kris and Chanyeol. Luna is a half human half werewolf. Chanyeol is a pure blood werewolf. Kris is a vampire. Baekhyun is Chanyeol’s assistant. He is also a werewolf , and Sehun is Kris’ friend. He is also a vampire.
There are also other characters like Lay, Suho, Kai , Sandara and Victoria. ^^ So when I heard Chanyeol & Baek’ s wolf voice suddenly I thought of
that fanfic hihi They could be awesome werewolf btw :p

Besides, the other leaked song was 365. Some people said that EXO did cover One direction’s song. I think this song is better than wolf, because you can hear their voice clearly. I dont know the meaning of this song (since I haven’t see the lyrics yet) but one of my friend said that 365 probably means days in one year. Could it be a comeback hint? They will have a comeback after one year of their debut….Will they have a comeback on April? :p

Some people said that SM leaked this song on purpose and the others said that SM staffs lost the usb when they went to copyright their song… =_= Dunno which one is true. If those songs were leaked accidentally, then EXO’s comeback would be delayed again….so I prefer SM leaked those songs on purpose lol though I can’t understand what SM have planned with that strategy.

Hmm…maybe SM just want to tell us that they are still preparing for EXO’s comeback and want us to wait a little longer for it… :p

There is also a rumor (again) that EXO will have their comeback on March31…
Ok ….let’s us just ….wait…

hope this one will not be an April fool’s joke ..lol

cr: to the right owner


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