Kris Renren update [130310]

    Finally, Kris updated his RenRen ^^

cr: ( Translated by: ♥ Adora

[TRANS] 130310 Kris’ Renren Update

It seems like I’m missing, really missing you. It’s painful to wait but perhaps it is a blessing. Face every tomorrow bravely my dearies, I’m always here. Morning, to my favorite ‘every one of you’.

Kris always knows how to express his feeling into such beautiful words. Do you know you made (most) fangirls cry after read your recent update?

Yes, it’s very painful to wait EXO’s comeback especially when you (Kris) disappeared from our (fans) sight ;__;

Btw, I found some fantaken pictures of EXO’s members in Hankuk university several days ago. Some people said that they were filming a drama but the others said they were filming a MV. -_-….Hello, how about Kris ?

I know Kris tried to calm the fans’ heart down with his words, but how if EXO will have their comeback without Kris? hope it’s not true.

It’s painful to wait but perhaps it is a blessing”

I don’t know why I love this sentence so much. It’s very simple sentence , but you can get very deep meaning from it. 😀

It’s painful to wait their comeback but perhaps it is a blessing….EXO will give their best to us on their comeback! :3


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