130313 Welcome back WYF :)


Finally, today, 3days after he updated his Renren, he is back ! 🙂

That’s the first newest picture of Kris that I saw today. I was always wondering where he is and what he is doing. EXO will have their comeback soon, but he hasn’t returned to Korea yet -_-

He spotted at Guangzhou airport today wearing all black clothes, carrying black hand bag, with his black manly hair :> He even gained weight! Look at his chubby cheek now hihi. 😛

According to meow_anchokray, Kris is leaving for Beijing today, and Korea the day after. (v:exonyeoshidae)

Yeay! Finally! He is going back to Korea!

One interesting thing is Kris lost his luggage at Beijing airport today. His luggage sent to Qingdao due to Airlines’ mistake.. XD.. They sent Kris’ luggage to Victoria’s Hometown? XD Hahahaha

cr: dodollywithkris

Kris & his I Phone 4

cr: Kriski

Bossy Kris! hihihi….He still looks cute with that “angry” face :3

cr: as tagged

Kris inside the airplane and those lucky fans around him

cr: as tagged

Kris inside the airplane going to Beijing

cr: MCKY

Kris inside a car at Beijing airport


Handsome spy? hehehe

cr: Matcha-S

P.S. I don’t know why… a man with black clothes always attracted to me. hahaha

13/03/13 ….seems like Kris choose a special date to make an appearance 😛


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