Busy days….

I’m kinda busy these days…..there are many things on my mind that I want to write on my blog, but I have no time to do it… except on the weekend or holiday… just like today. T_T

My class always has a busy day on Thursday. When it comes time to have the evening lecture ( the students already tired and sleepy at this time), my friend and I usually sit in the back of the classroom and do “something” 😛
My friend asked me to drew something in the sticky notes then I decided to drew some animals like bunny, panda, cat,etc. After that, they stuck them on their books hahaha. I also drew my own bunny in a sticky note and wrote my name beneath it. 😛

Cinthya Bunny

It’s cute…isn’t it?

bunny joined the class

Cute bunny joined the class yesterday

By the way, one of my friends gave me oat biscuits yesterday. She always try a new cookies or bread whenever she go to the store haha. Both of us like snacks …a lot :-P.

chocolate milk oat biscuits

This semester I realize that I’m very lucky to be here…..study in this university… I have those “annoying” friends who can make me laugh everyday hahaha… 🙂


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