Two strangers

She never thought that she would have this kind of love story in her life. She was still a young girl, full of cheerfulness, innocence, sensitiveness. She thought that love was as simple as boy meets girl. Love was just a strong, sweet feeling, without logic on it. Maybe she hasn’t understood it yet. The world which she lives in is different from the world in those happy-ending romance dramas she used to watch. Or those beautiful stories she has ever read. Everything seems to be easy to reach and easy to do. But not in this real world. Her world.

She never forget that day. The first time she saw him in a crowd. A stranger in the crowd. She was one of those audience. Saw him without knowing nothing. She didn’t understand what was on her mind. He did nothing special there, just some silly things to be honest. But there was a strange feeling that encourages her to know him more.

It started with a short conversation between two strangers. It was bizarre, strange and awkward. Yes, she was the one who started all these things. She stepped through the door, and it was too late to turned back. And yes, it was just a beginning.


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