EXO Comeback: XOXO (Kiss&Hug) : Teaser pictures (1)

It’s been a while since my last post about EXO…. hahaha XD and now I’m back!
Actually, I want to write many things on my blog *especially about EXO* hahaa, but since I have many things & assignments to do , I have no time to do it T_T *sigh* moreover, I will have final examinations several weeks later… That means I will have no free-time for blogging or even to go online X( …

Okay, enough…What am I going to write? Oh yeah..The amazing news….!!
The boys are back! Finally, EXO will have their comeback!! XD
Well, I have several posts about EXO’s comeback in my blog, but this one is the real one! hahaha..I mean they are about to comeback. The REAL comeback guys!! Not just a rumor LOL…

That morning, May 16th, I got a message on twitter from my friend : ” Big news!! Big news!!” and then she sent me a link about EXO’s comeback news. I was so surprised, but then I laughed and thought “Ah…That must be a joke (again)… stop trolling us please!” but my expression changed after I saw many posts about EXO’s comeback on my twitter home page. That wasn’t a joke.

my reaction to exo

edited by me

first teaser pic

second teaser pic

The teaser pictures are like old graduate photos of high-school students (because those are in black and white).

Almost all the members do cute pose in the second teaser pic, except Kris of course. Hahaha.

My thought on EXO teaser pics:

  • I think Kai has the “bad boy” image in the photo (his expression in the first teaser pic matches well with that image right? :p ) , he could be the “gangsta” leader among the other students. LOL.
  • Some members who have the “innocent” and “cute” image are Suho, Lay, Chen, Luhan, D.O.
  • Baekhyun wears a glasses and maybe he has the “bookworm” image in the first teaser pic. (actually I was so surprised because I think Baekhyun doesnt suit with that image. XD)
  • Luhan and Sehun look like “prince” with that hair style in the second teaser pic.
  • Chanyeol has the “swag” image in the teaser first pic.hahaha.
  • I think Xiumin has the similar “image” with Chanyeol. 😀
  • Kris….hmmm… Kris is Kris. He didn’t do the cute expression at all, but that’s why I like him. 🙂 I love his new hair style btw, he looks so manly. I think he also has “bad boy” image just like Kai.

Well, that day maybe one of the most memorable days in EXO’s fans’ life since this is EXO’s first comeback after 13 months they debuted. I saw many funny tweets about EXO on my twitter homepage every time there is something new about EXO. hahaha. :p

Ok, so probably this is my expression that morning:

source: ayoliferuiners.tumblr.com

P.S. The other teaser pics will be posted in the next post :p


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